Risk Reduction

Purchases through Inoxko rather than directly with overseas Non EU suppliers have a number of benefits to the customer.

Contract - Your contract is with Inoxko Ltd an established UK registered company and is governed by UK law.
(NON EU suppliers contracts stipulate local law of the exporters country which can make disputes difficult to resolve)

Quality - Inoxko is Quality approved by UKAS approved  Lloyds LRQA to ISO 9001 and is a member of the British Stainless Steel association
Inoxko’s has long standing relationships with Suppliers Worldwide who are visited regularly by Inoxko to enhance relationships & ensure continuity of our high quality standards. All new suppliers are vetted rigorously including personal visits by Inoxko’s Managing Director Tony Lockley. Many of Inoxko’s  stainless CR sheet suppliers offer superior quality surface finish, flatness, thickness control or mechanical properties to that normally available in Europe or from other non EU suppliers  which benefits our customers. (However for the uninitiated, buying directly from new suppliers where quality can differ considerably from supplier to supplier  &  payment is made in advance or by irrevocable Letter of credit -the risk is considerable)

Insurance - Inoxko’s comprehensive Marine Insurance Policy covers all goods from supplier to delivered customers works / delivery point.
Inoxko’s Marine and Product Liability insurance policy is through RJ Gallagher the Worlds 3rd largest insurance broker who handle any claims on our behalf with the insurers, ensuring the best result for Inoxko and its customers. (Most non EU suppliers only sell CIF (carriage, insurance, freight) UK/EU port – the insurance certificate is issued in the exporters country and any claims relating to vessel sinking , damage to containers ,damage to goods in containers ect have to be taken up with the insurance company directly by the customer which often leads to unsatisfactory results . In addition, UK Road haulage insurance is insufficient to cover the value of stainless steel in case of theft or material damage while in transit from the port to delivery destination)

Credit Insurance - All open account sales by Inoxko to its customers are within the credit limit agreed with "Euhler Hermes" who in the event of a customer failure or non payment would pay Inoxko for the vast majority of the invoice value. This credit insurance policy not only protects Inoxko, it also serves to protect Inoxko’s other customers and our suppliers through the uninterrupted operation  of Inoxko’s business.

Continuity of supply - Inoxko is independent, not owned or tied to any one mill or supplier  – free to  deal with many different suppliers in many different countries. This allows us to choose the best suppliers in terms of quality, price, delivery and to have the flexibility to change source of supply if necessary  ie; import duties being applied or threatened on any country or for quality reasons.

Inoxko also has UK supply agreements, some exclusive with a number of suppliers or partners for various products where we feel that by working together we can better serve our customers, guarantee continuity of supply and help our suppliers to grow their export business while growing Inoxko’s business.